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Propane Filling Station

 We fill all sizes of propane cylinders. Campers welcome! Call for current fill rates. 508-821-3704 ext. 0.


20lb. Gas Grill Tank Fill - 2 for $27

New 20lb. Gas Grill Tank w/Fill $41.99


Propane Safety


  • Make sure to take the tank right to the dispensing station. Propane tanks cannot be brought inside the store.
  • Bay State Pet & Garden Supply inspects all tanks for certification date and condition before refilling. There are rules and guidelines for how long a tank can be re-filled.
  • A tank that is uncertified, damaged, has a bent or missing collar or foot ring, excessive rust or has been painted violates all national propane rules and policies and will not be filled.
  • All barbecue-type cylinders must be equipped with an overfill prevention device (OPD valve). Cylinders older than 12 years (10 years in Canada) must be re-qualified before they can be filled.
  • If you do not have an acceptable propane tank, we have propane tanks that we can sell you to replace your damaged tank.
  • Check your propane cylinder for leaks before you turn on your grill or appliance. The unintentional discharge of propane can cause a flammable environment. Use a solution of soapy water to check for leaks, which will cause bubbles to form. If a leak is found, turn the valve off, and check the system.
  • The distinct odor of rotten eggs is an indicator of a propane leak. Remove any source of flame from the area, and repair or replace any defective parts.

Transporting Home

  • Always keep your propane tanks upright and secure when transporting.
  • If your tank is left or stored in your vehicle, heat, sunlight and motion can increase pressure to an unsafe level. This may cause the safety valve to vent propane gas and create a flammable, explosive environment. Please remove your tank from your vehicle as soon as you return home or to your place of business.
  • Regulations require that all tanks be transported upright and secure with the valve closed. When on its side, a tank's relief valve may open, allowing flammable gas to escape. Contact your local fire department for local rules and regulations.
  • Store and use propane cylinders only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Do not use or inspect a propane cylinder indoors.

While at the Store

  • Please do not bring your tank inside the store.
  • Tanks should remain inside your vehicle or be placed outside the gate near the dispensing station.
  • See a team member inside the store for assistance where they will check your tank's date and condition before payment.
  • Have load ticket ready to show team member.
  • Drive or walk right up to the dispensing station where we fill tanks.
  • Team member will open the gate and begin to fill your tank.
  • Remain 25 ft from the dispensing station. If you are filling a motor home or camper, it must be unoccupied during the refilling process.
  • Follow any additional instructions from the team member.