From big to small, we feed them all!

Bay State Pet & Garden Supply

Bay State Pet & Garden Supply, Inc. has been a trusted source for all your animal and farm needs since 1997. Whether you have dogs, cats, farm or zoo animals, Bay State Pet & Garden Supply makes sure to carry all of the latest products and provide all the services for your every need.

Tom's family has been involved in the animal industry for over 40 years. They did everything from manufacturing feed and selling hay, to raising and breeding livestock. After years of working with his father, Tom wanted to open his own retail store and further his career.

His passion for animals and agriculture led to the opening of Bay State Pet & Garden Supply in 1997 and became one of the first Purina Expert Dealers in the community. In 2008, Tom wanted to expand the business by relocating into a larger facility that he designed at 429 Winthrop Street. Since then, Bay State Pet & Garden Supply has grown to become an Agway Dealer as well as respected dealer of Poulin Grain, Blue Seal Feed, Mazuri and Triple Crown.

Tom strives to obtain a unique wealth of knowledge resulting in being a Certified Espoma Dealer, A Droll Yankees Certified Repair Shop, A Bonified Expert Dealer, and a Certified Animal Care Advisor. They have been doing business all over New England and continue to grow. Bay State Pet & Garden Supply has won numerous honors and awards for their superior customer service and continues to be at the forefront of their industry.

"We are constantly looking for products and services to improve the health and well-being of your pets” Tom says “We know that your pets are a big part of your family, so we want to make them a part of ours."