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Landscaping Services

Bay State Pet & Garden Supply offers landscaping services in the area surrounding our store. For a quote on landscaping services please click here 

• Mulch Installation

• Weekly Mowing

• Seasonal Clean Up

• Dethatching/Aeration/Over-seeding

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We provide customized, residential landscape and maintenance plans that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Whether you have a small yard or an elaborate landscape, we will develop an effective and beneficial plan for anything outside of your home. We take pride in providing our customers with personalized service, attention to detail, teamwork and consistent client communications. From natural landscapes to formal gardens, our expert staff works with you to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout New England’s many changing seasons. Our maintenance services include -Lawn Maintenance -Seasonal Cleanups -Mulch Installation


Lawn Maintenance - A crucial part of your lawn care program is mowing on a regular basis.  We offer weekly mowing as that is ideal for the health of your turf areas.  Our top of the line equipment and experienced team will leave your lawn with beautiful stripes and clean edges as well as remove and trash or debris from your property. Seasonal Cleanups Each fall we get to see a terrific change of seasons, but with that comes dead leaves in the yard, dormant plants and a messy, dull looking yard.  We offer seasonal cleanup services to solve this problem. Our cleanups include, complete leaf and removal, final pruning of any shrubs, grasses, trees and bushes.  This will halo get your yard ready for the dormant season in the winter as well as keep your yard looking it’s best until it is covered with snow. In the Spring we come across the same issue, over the winter, leaves and debris have accumulated in your yard and there may be damage from snow plow trucks.  Our spring solution includes removal of all leaves and debris accumulated over the winter as well as repair of damaged turf. This will get your yard ready for the growing season and keep it looking neat and tidy until it is time for things like fresh mulch and flowers.

Mulch Installation - Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil as well as improve fertility.  Mulch will also aid in weed control as well as reduce stress on perennials during winter.  We use 100% natural mulch free of pallets or demolition material to make sure there is no contamination in your garden beds.






  • Please select the appropriate charge based on what you were quoted for your landscaping job.