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Poulin E-TEC Fibre-Max Textured 50 lb.

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Poulin Grain E-TEC Fibre-Max Textured Feed 50 lb.
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A high fat, high fiber super feed for performance horses that require high calorie intake but may be sensitive to grain rich diets


E-TEC® Super Premium Horse Feeds contain the latest science based technology to provide horses with a low carb performance line of feeds.

Included in the E-TEC® line:

  • Live cell yeast that aids in digestion, absorption and overall gut health

  • Organic trace minerals that have increased bioavailability and provide increased resistance against stress and disease

  • All natural Vitamin E which is significantly more potent than synthetic vitamin E, making it more available to the horse and staying active in the body for longer

  • 100% organic selenium, a powerful antioxidant and significant in boosting immune function

  • Enhanced levels of Omega 3 from DHA to aid in anti-inflammation, performance and recovery