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Purina Feed Greatness Challenge

Welcome to the Purina Feed Greatness™ Challenge for backyard flock owners; your first step on the path to feeding greatness. .

What is the Feed Greatness™ Challenge?

Our Feed Greatness™ Challenge was designed to give backyard flock owners an opportunity to try our layer feed for 90 days. Finding the right poultry feeding program for your laying hens is  essential as the nutrition is directly connected to their health and happiness. In turn, this provides you and your family with wholesome, nutritious farm fresh eggs. This Challenge is limited to  Layena® Pellets or Crumbles or Layena® Plus Omega-3 layer.

Here’s how the Challenge works:

• Fill out the Feed Greatness™ Challenge form on the site.

• We will send you one digital coupon for $5 off of 2 bags of Layena® Pellets or Crumbles or Layena® Plus Omega-3 layer feed to redeem at Bay State Pet & Garden Supply.

• Download the materials needed to help you conduct the feeding challenge.

• Talk with Bay State Pet & Garden Supply to determine the proper feed for your flock.

• Over the next 90 days, monitor your flock’s performance and health, and utilize the provided materials to help guide you.

• Share your journey with us on our Facebook page.

• We will send you a survey after 90 days to get your candid feedback on your overall experience.
Expect to hear from us by email every month from when you start the Feed Greatness™ Challenge. We’ll be sharing what changes you should expect to see in your flock along with  relevant educational information. 90 days will fly by and we will be here every step of the way. Even more information will be provided once you have officially signed up for the Feed Greatness™ Challenge.